Work in progress

It’s easy for a writer to disappear and not notice. Has it really been three months since the last post? I have to admit, months spent furiously rewriting and editing my newest novel, a spy thriller, have whooshed by as though they were mere hours. Add holidays, books to read, side projects, writing groups and friends to see and you’ll get the picture.

The good news is my novel is almost ready for beta-readers, the last stage before the final version.

A year ago, when I started writing full-time, I imagined a book a year would be a piece of cake, perhaps even two.

A more realistic scenario

A more realistic scenario

As it turns out, these things take time, especially if you want to do them properly. Then, there’s cooling-down time, which is essential before reviewing and editing your own writing and brings a good opportunity to work on short stories and new materials. One of them was long-listed in the Grindstone Literary 2019 Dirty Dozen contest, yay! This time, I’m sharing it with you, dear reader, to thank you for your patience. More to come soon.

The Twilight

Just before the sky darkens, the woods release their treasures. They emerge from rotting tree trunks and crawl onto the soft moss. Only when hidden from the prying eyes of mushroom pickers, dog walkers and hikers with ski poles, do they sing their ballads.

I inhale the stillness and cloak myself in the cold, damp air, as I scout for secrets. The woods keep them only for the connoisseurs. How many bones lie beneath my feet? How many are buried underneath the big oak, the elegant elm or that lonely sycamore tree?

Nobody knows, nobody knows, but me.