Hunting for info and margaritas

If you could only ‘write what you know’, then crime writers would have to turn into either investigators or criminals (like this one). That’s why I prefer to ‘write what I want to know’.  At least in this way, I get to do research on interesting things.

One of the outcomes is an outrageous search history. Every now and then, there are things that Google can’t help me with.

Luckily, this time, my research and holidays merged into two eventful weeks in Mexico. When you have a wild imagination and friends who are willing to put up with weird questions, anything is possible.

Mind the jaguar

Among other things, I learned that Tequila is a city, that there is such a thing as a mariachi band at 2am and that it’s always better to taste chilli sauce before splashing it all over your food.

Divorced eggs

 I’ve also realised that one of my characters will need a makeover to blend in with the locals.

A local waiting for lunch

The best things about research are the things you stumble across, like how half the buildings in the centre of Mexico City look like a group of drunken tourists, trying to pose for a selfie.

Now time for part two: using that research in the second draft.

Research in practice