A little getaway

Sometimes, all one needs to get the writing done is a little isolation. At home, there are always a thousand things to distract you, some easier to ignore than others.

2017-12-15 11.43.20.jpg

What usually works for me is a few days at a remote place with good walking routes. So when my friend offered me to stay at their 'cabane' near Ciney, in the Belgian Ardennes, I immediately said yes. I'd been puzzling around a plot that needed some reworking before starting the second draft of my novel.

It's surprising how a change in environment can help one focus (not to mention the lack of Internet). After a very productive morning, when I'd finished 80% of all the work I rewarded myself with a long walk in the idyllic countryside. Apart from a few nice photos and good exercise, I got fresh ideas for my plot.


Had I stayed at home, it would have probably taken me several days to finish the work. I did most of it in just a bit over one day and spent the rest of the time reading a book. After two fruitful days of sun and writing, I returned home with a reworked plot.

I'm a big fan of retreats, whether just for a few hours in a cafe, over a weekend or longer. It's too easy to give in to distractions and small tasks that demand attention.

Now, fingers crossed for the second draft, though I might need a much longer retreat to finish it.