Feedback is a gift

Too many times I came across bad or no feedback forms. Be it a seminar, a story, a workshop, or your tool/service, it seems people are afraid to ask for feedback.

But then again, feedback is the easiest quickest and cheapest way to find out how successful you are in what you do and what people want.

Are you really willing to miss on that? If you answered no, then there's hope.  How and what to ask then?

First of all, if you want honest feedback, make it anonymous. Then ask these 5 key questions:   

  1. Was it useful/relevant?   

  2. What did you like and why?   

  3. What didn't you like and why?   

  4. Was there anything missing?   

  5. What is your suggestion for next time?

These 5 questions will give you the basic idea of what people think and what you can change to make it better.

If you have a chance, ask more questions and dig deeper, but do dig. Feedback is a gift. Be kind to those who provide it.