Customer service

There's something about hotel rooms, that make them seem generic and impersonal. But few months ago I stayed at a hotel, that change this perception.

The staff was friendly and not only cooled the wine bottle, we brought with us, but also gave us nice glasses. After our stay, they'd send me the email to thank for the visit and ask for my feedback. The email was friendly and human and signed by a person.

I answered it and soon got a reply, thanking me for the feedback and offering a discount for my next stay with them. 

I've stayed at many hotels, but this is the first one that seemed different, friendly, personal.

That's customer service. It distinguishes really great companies from those, who think they are great.

Can you afford to neglect it if you have a really great product?

Think of your company as a restaurant. Would there be someone to welcome people when they come in? Would they get free appetizers while they wait for their order? Would you staff seem friendly or would they give the impression they'd rather be anywhere else?

What would happen if they complained?

The truth is, no one can't afford a poor customer service. Not when the word of mouth is the most valued form of advertising.