A headache we learn to ignore

Ever met someone who was absolutely crazy about ads and didn't work in the advertising? To most people, ads are just an unpleasant interruption. Like a headache. 

The sad truth is we can't avoid ads. Even if they are blocked, ads will find their way back into our mailbox, newspaper, cinema, hospitals, and toilets. There is no such thing as an "International day without advertising" or a fundamental right to an ad-free space. Ads seem to be here to stay.

But sometimes we get to choose the kind of ads we would prefer to see. More often this choice is made for us, based on sex, age, language and many other things that don't necessarily say much about who we are. If you're a woman, this means you will get many "offers" to help you lose weight and buy cosmetics.

While more conscious marketers are practicing permission marketing, most of the others are trying to invent new ways to sneak ads into our life. They're disguised as articles, recommendations in health sections or fake app reviews. It's a whole new gray area calling for new regulations.

One thing I really miss in the whole ad story is selective blocking  that would enable you to block racist, sexist and offensive ads.

How long before there is an app for that?