Corporate comms: where will we go?

What's more likely - that you will send a letter of a complaint via snail mail or that you'll use online lingo in real life?

Digital has radically changed how we communicate. It has given more power and visibility to the individual but at the same time also made people more vulnerable. It's slightly different on the corporate site.

Digital provided companies with access to valuable customer data and many useful tools to that can help increase the visibility of their brands. At the same time, it has created internal division between online and offline communications. Companies often struggle to see and measure the value that digital communications bring to their business.

So how to we move on from here?

1. Companies will change the way they perceive internal communications.

Instead of top-down information sharing, smart business will invest their people and build strong internal ambassadorship. The discussion will shift away from newsletters and online communities to increasing employee ownership and their identification with the company's values and way of work. This requires a shift in thinking and management.

Brands live and die with their reputation and nothing promotes a brand better than enthusiastic employees who are proud about what they do and want to share it with others. Leaving Amazon's ethical challenges aside, it was an employee Nick Ciubotariu, who rescued company's salvaged reputation after the exposure in NYT.

2. The way we tell stories will change and become more audience focused.

Not only is this the best way to build strong presence and influence online and offline. It's a necessary step to move forward from broadcasting messages to creating meaningful experiences for the customers.

To do so, storytelling needs to shift from treating the customers as end goals and instead include them in all steps of the storytelling. User generated content will become even more prominent.

Companies will invest more resources in monitoring and share interactive stories that travel across different channels and devices.

3. Boundaries between digital and analogue will become even more blurred.

The truth is, digital can help bring corporate communications to the next level, as long as its part of integrated communications. As much as some would like to bury offline communications, they're still an essential part of any good communication strategy.

It might even be that old fashioned communication tools will help bring back some of the charm that was lost with the wave of online communities. After all, how long has it been since you've received a friendly personal letter (not a promo commercial) from your favourite restaurant?

What do you think will drive the future of corporate communications?