Being social

It's fairly easy to get started on social media, yet brands still struggle to be social. They want visibility, engagement and they want their efforts to pay off.

So how do you get people to say what you want?

You don't.

Online relationships work pretty much the same as offline. It takes time and effort to build them and they won't last without a real commitment. The best you can do is provide meaningful experiences for your audience. 

It boils down to three things.

1. Take the time

There are no shortcuts and no tools will compensate for actual human outreach. You can schedule posts, curate content, but when it comes down to social, you need to take time. This means putting audience's needs before your marketing messages.

If you're only interested in being heard but not listen, why should people care?
2. Be useful

Many brands wrongly assume their audience is automatically interested in what they have to say. This is why much of corporate communications sounds like broadcasting.

"Check out our new product! Guess, what, we won an award! Oh, and did you check our latest blog?"

It’s like that guy you met at the party who wouldn’t stop talking about himself. Sooner or later, everyone gets tired and stops listening. You don’t want to be him.

Without listening, any communication is destined to fail.

3. Being social

While brands wait to get action at their nicely designed social media doorsteps, they're missing out on important conversations that are happening elsewhere.

You can't always make people come to your party. Sometimes you can also join theirs.

Social is more than just online chatting  or promoting your brand. Any social tool is meaningless if turned into an automatized marketing machine. 

It's not about being social, it's about being human.