And then there were none

You run an old board game cafe. It's a bit scruffy and needs work, but you can't afford it. So next time people come to play board games, you ask them to help you repaint a wall.

You ignore the rolling eyes and the sighs. Some people leave. So what, others will come.

The wall is painted, but there's more to be done. So again, people come to play games, you ask them to help. More people leave, you shrug your shoulders.  Very soon your cafe will be fresh and shiny and then others will come.

After a month fewer people come, but you manage to repaint all the walls, polish the bar and replace the windows. You announce a big party and invite everyone to come. The balloons are ready, the music is playing and doors are open, yet the cafe remains empty.

A lot has changed in advertising in the past 10 years yet we are asked to tolerate ads we don't want. In our newspapers, mail, on the phone, social media channels in the cinema and even on the toilet. No matter where you hide, you can't escape the ads. So you put up your stickers and you block.

Interrupting marketing doesn't work. It's time to bury its stinking corps and never look back.

It's time to stop moaning about the loss of profits because of ad-blocking and find a way to market quality products in a non-intrusive engaging way. Want more customers? Include them in the process and find a better solution.

It might be challenging to find what exactly works, but at least you know that it's not ads.

I initially wrote this post for LinkedIn Pulse.