3 Common myths about social media engagement

Social media engagement is much like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about it yet only  a few are really doing it.

Last week I've come across an interesting tip by Jeff Bulas, shared by many social media influencers. 

One rule of thumb is 80% of your updates should be about engagement. 20% are posts that are selling.

A great tip that depends on how you define engagement. I decided to ask and got no answer. Which brings me to myth number one.

1. Social media engagement equals including others in your posts.

It takes two to tango. If the interest is only on one side, you can still dance, but it won't be tango. 

Real engagement on social is based on conversations and those are based on relationship. And for the relationships, I guess we all know how they do and don't work.  Listening and responding are key.

If all you do is tag people while pushing your messages, then you probably won't get very far. And you definitely won't do any real engagement.

2. Social media engagement is all about online.

Though online is a very important part, real engagement happens when you connect online with offline. This depends on your target audience, but no real influence can be built just by sending out tweets. 

Social media can play a great role in supporting you with your outreach, but it can't replace face to face conversations, networking efforts and real life help. 

3. The success of your social media engagement should be measured in the number of RT's, mentions etc.

Your social media strategy needs to be driven by a purpose deeper than getting a certain number of followers, RT's and mentioned by influencers. For the purpose of it is not to stand alone but to help you reach your goals.

Did social help get you closer to what you want? 

If your only ROI is a number of RT's and mentions, then it's maybe time to reconsider your strategy so that brings more tangible results.